The holidays will be upon us soon, so now is the perfect time to roll up your sleeves and make some extra cash. I talk a lot on here about ways to save money, but I don’t really address the flip side of that – making more money – and it’s an integral part in achieving your financial goals. So here we go, 7 ways to make some extra cash:


1. Swagbucks.  No Swagbucks won’t make you into a millionaire, but it will help you make a few extra dollars. The real cash comes from the referral program, but only if the people you refer actually use the program. Earn points by searching the web (just like you always do!) and completing surveys. Easy-peasy.

2. Sell your stuff. Sell things you no longer use on Craigslist, eBay or Amazon. Chances are you have a plethora of gently used items that you just have no need for that are simply just taking up space in your attic, basement or garage. Get rid of them and make some extra cash while doing it! It’s a win win in my book.

3. Bank account opening bonuses. Many bank accounts will offer a bonus for opening a checking account with them. Simply open an account, make a few purchases according to their specific guidelines and reap the extra cash.

4. Blog. Have something you’d like to share with the word? Set up a blog. Blogging is cliche these days, but there are still ways to make money doing it. With little to no overhead, blogging can lead to serious part-time job income.

5. Recycle scrap metal. Collect scraps of metal that people leave on the side of the road for bulk pickup. Take them to your local scrap metal recycling center and get paid for each type of metal you bring. It pays to know which metal is which, so do your research beforehand.

6. Tutor high school students. Know a lot about a particular subject? Sites like and pay you to tutor their clients. Or place an ad on offering your subject area expertise and see if you get any responses.

7. Run errands. Sign up with Taskrabbit and run errands for people – like grocery shopping, household chores or handyman work.

And one extra for good measure:

Do anything for $5. You can sell just about any service or product at for $5. takes a $1 commission, so you actually will make $4 per transaction. Come up with something fun and creative in your area of expertise to make a quick $4. Get 5 people interested in your service and you’ve made $20.

How do you make extra money? Have you tried any of these methods? Have anything you’d like to add to this list?

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16 Responses to 7 Ways to earn some extra cash

  1. I really need to put some stuff on ebay. I have never sold stuff on there before so I just need to figure it out and start!

  2. Ebay and consigment stores have been my go to for getting some money from my daughter’s outgrown clothes. I have a bunch that need to be taken right now. Thanks for reminding me.

  3. We’ve sold quite a bit through Craigslist and found that it’s a good way to make some extra cash in a pinch. We actually sold a car a few years ago on Ebay. Someone in town found it and fell in love with the car.

  4. Good suggestions. I like the fiverr one – that’s cute. So far, the blog and Craigs List have been doing it for me. One other one that works good are credit card rewards and cash back. I’m on pace to earn over $1000 this year!

  5. Michelle says:

    Online income! That’s my main source for extra income :)

  6. I take advantage of bank account opening bonuses. It’s really easy to do. The only downside is that many now spread the money out over a few months, so you get $100 over the course of 3 months as opposed to right away.

    I also have cashed in with scrap metal. I was surprised with how much I made. Just be ready when you go to get dirty and for a flat tire. With pieces of metal all over the place and mostly dirty conditions, you don’t want to go dressed to the 9′s.

    • Rebecca says:

      Very true. I didn’t think of a flat tire, but with all that metal around, it’s bound to happen. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. One additional option, Rebecca, is to fill out surveys online. There are a ton of reputable companies out there (TruePanel, for example) who regularly pay $50 – $100 for online surveys.

  8. Rebecca, TaskRabbit seems like an awesome idea. I wonder if there is anything I can do to make some money on there. I’ve been hearing about this website more and more recently and can’t help but wonder how well it works.

  9. I’ve always wanted to try out swagbucks, but never really took the plunge. I’ll have to check it out this week.

  10. Those are pretty good ideas. I’m really very good in handicrafts stuff so my friends always force me to sell that stuff thru eBay or Amazon but I have never tried. I should try once!!!

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