Sorry about being MIA for the last few months. I’ve been busy, busy and unfortunately, this blog fell by the wayside. I promise I won’t do that to you again (if there are any of “you” still out there). I might not be able to post every day, but I’m going to try to stop by here a few times a week. I really enjoy blogging and I miss your sweet comments. Anyway, on to today’s post…

Here in New Jersey we’ve been spared the frigid cold of winter so far. It’s been hovering in the 30s and 40s and I haven’t been complaining. Well it’s not going to last much longer. There’s a cold front on its way and it’s about to get brutally cold. I’m not a fan of this time of year when it’s too cold to do anything outside. I don’t like being stuck at home, but the cost of fun indoor activities add up quick. Museums, aquariums, going to the movies – all are going to cost you. So today, I wanted to share a list of family activities that are (practically) free.

1. Make hot chocolate and homemade marshmallows.

2. Go to the library and check out some fun winter books.

3. If there’s snow, go sledding.

4. Make snow angles.

5. Act out a play.

6. Read a long book out together.

7. Try a new recipe.

8. Volunteer at a local animal shelter.

9. Plant seeds for spring.

10. Play board games.

11. Set your kids loose on an indoor scavenger.

12. Try a craft – the messier, the better.

13. Donate used clothing or toys to the needy.

14. Take a tour of your local fire department.

15. Build a fort with couch cushions and blankets.

16. Film a silly video and post it on YouTube.

17. Do a puzzle.

18. Visit friends or family who are out of town.

19. Take pictures of nature.

20. Host the winter Olympics – complete with gold, bronze and silver metals.

21. Bake cookies for family and friends.

22. Play dress up.

23. Build a gingerbread house.

24. Bundle up and go for a walk.

25. Rent a $1 movie, pop some popcorn and have a movie night.


Any other ideas? What activities does your family like to do when it’s chilly outside?

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3 Responses to 25 Fun winter activites that don’t cost a dime

  1. My favorite free winter activity, is being wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket with a purring cat on my lap. Divine!

  2. Jon Haver says:

    My favourite one is having a movie night . Nothing better than watching a nice movie at home when it’s freezing outside !

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