That’s doggone thrifty! You’ll see that a lot on this site, but what exactly does it mean?

thrift-y (thrift-ee): adjective, 1. practicing thrift or economical; frugal; 2. thriving, prosperous, or successful; and 3. thriving physically; growing vigorously.

To me, thrifty means all these and more.  Being thrifty does not mean leading a boring and dull life – just the opposite!  Notice how the second on third meanings of the word focus on thriving?  Well, you just might notice that when you embark on living more frugally and simpler, your life will really start to thrive.  When you cut back on the things that don’t really matter (the stuff we all seem to accumulate but don’t really need), you have more to focus on the quality of life - friends, family, love and laughter.

When you learn to separate all the wants in our modern world from what you truly need, is when you really become prosperous and successful.  Join me on this wonderful journey!


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