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Have you ever dealt with a personal negotiator? I hadn’t – until I was recently contacted by Jim Herst, a personal negotiator with over 50 years of experience in the business.

What Jim does is try to save you money on the bigger purchases in life – like cars, home repair, wedding expenses, or reoccurring bills (like cable and telephone). We often feel locked into the prices we are offered, but that’s not always the case. Many of these companies are willing to negotiate and lower their prices in order to make a sale or keep a current customer. These companies want to win and keep customers just as much as you want to save money.

The problem starts when it comes to approaching these companies. It can be hard approaching them, not knowing what to ask  in order to get yourself the best possible deal. That’s where Jim comes in. He negotiates with the companies in order to save you the most money. He has 50 years experience negotiating for small-business clients and individuals, so he knows how to broker the best deal. Even better, Jim’s service is risk-free – meaning you pay him nothing in advance. His fee is a small percentage of the savings he obtains for you if you opt to take that savings.

When Jim approached me to review his service for this blog, I decided to give his service a try. I’m not looking to make any major purchases in the near future, so I decided to see what he could do for my cable/internet/phone bill. Jim worked tirelessly on my behalf, but as it turns out, I already have the best deal (go figure). Although I personally didn’t see any savings (and that’s probably because Comcast likes to be difficult), I feel confident that Jim offers quality service that can save you big bucks – especially on big purchases like cars, boats, and home repairs.

If you are making a big purchase or just want to save on your monthly bills, I definitely recommend checking out Jim’s site. Since it’s risk-free, it’s definitely worth a shot!


I was not compensated for this review and all opinions are 100% mine.

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