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  1. This is a blog about Golden Retrivers.
  2. You'll find everything you need know about the medium-sized breed of retriever developed in the United Kingdom.
  3. There are are links, too.

It's my hobby to maintain this blog as I learn how to launch static blog using Eleventy and Vercel.

This is my first post.

Is golden retriever a good pet? Even-tempered, affectionate, and happy-go-lucky. Good with kids and other pets. Large, strong, and athletic. Above-average intelligence and trainability when positive reinforcement training methods are used.

There are three types of Golden Retrievers: golden, light golden, and dark golden.

How expensive is a golden retriever?
about $1,000 to $3,500 when you purchase from a quality breeder.

Are Golden Retrievers Lazy?
As a whole, Golden Retrievers are not lazy but relatively high-energy and very active dogs.

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